Bowser Koopa Senior is the father of the Koopalings and the leader of the Koopa Clan. He's the main villain of the Bowser Saga.


Bowser is very much the "all brawn and no brain" type. Many of his strategies rely more on brute force to overwhelm his enemies than on strategic cunning or creativity, which is probably why the majority of his plans revolve around kidnapping Princess Peach. At times, Bowser does show a level of cunning, such as his plans for dealing with Mario when he inevitably shows up, but he usually leaves the thinking to Kammy and Kamek. Bowser is usually portrayed as power-hungry and wishes to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and, eventually, the universe (Mario's universe). He does have a comical side and often acts with incompetence. Most of the time, he is shown to have a lack of common sense, though occasionally he is shown as highly intelligent. He has a strong dislike towards Mario due to him intefering with Bowser's attempts to capture Peach. He also doesn't think much of Luigi and doesn't even remember his name. Bowser seems to be on good terms with Dr. Eggman, though the two tend to argue. He also gets along very well with Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings.

Powers and AttacksEdit

Bowser's signature ability is breathing fire, being able to manipulate the flames in countless ways. He is also very powerful and durable, being able to survive even the harshest conditions, such as falling into lava. His speed and agility is usually slow, though in the past, he was faster than Mario. He is one of the strongest characters in the Mushroom Kingdom and is able to deliver devastating blows and ground-pounds on his foes. He is also covered in spikes and has sharp claws, allowing him to slash his foes as well. He also has the ability to breathe fire, either as individual fire balls or in a continous stream. Like his other terrapin warriors, Bowser can duck into his shell either for offensive by using it like a battering ram to spin into opponents or defensively to shield against attacks. Like other characters, Bowser is also fond of using power-ups to make himself bigger, stronger or just plain tougher.