ubbles is the female countertpart Boomer and is the third and weakest of the group, is a very weak little girl, but strong enough to get by and is very fast.

Universe J-7 BiologyEdit

Onsluaght to EvilEdit

She, along with her sisters, were born three years after the School Wars as a revenge weapon against the Cousin Trio, but due to Utonium hitting his head and losing memory, they became happy and nice little girls, and he became a nice and peaceful father. This was until he regained his memory, and brainwashed the PPGs with a huge machine. The girls then did multiple horrible tasks for Utonium, like kidnapping Dalexis and powering the O.M.E.G.A. Beam. Once the RowdyRuff Boys delted with them, Utonium soon brought them back for the beginning of the PPNKG Saga, where the Marios killed them again.


Bubbles, along with her sisters and the majority of Townsville were wished back to life with the Dragon Balls at the end of the PPNKG Saga, after the PowerPunks were beaten. The Girls then regained their good features and lived with Ms. Keane.


Bubbles has a short varitiy of moves, but they are very leathal.

  1. Sonic Screams
  2. Eye Beams
  3. Electric Ball Formation
  4. Light Speed Rush
  5. Big Bad Bubbles
  6. Kamehameha