Dalexis Anderson(J-7 only)


Dalexis A. is the tomboy middle child of the Saiyan Shadows(Genesis too).


Dalexis was also born and given off to a distant family. Her respective family, along with JaLeah's, were never really mentioned in the series. When Jerome brainwashed Rosemary, she, Britney and JaLeah teamed up with Genesis and Jalen to get her back. About a few days afterwards, she was possessed herself by Jerome, revealing some colors. It took a long, gruesome and bloody battle with Genesis to get her back.

She soon joined the heroes in the final battle, but along with everyone else except Genesis, she was beaten to near death(cloesest than the others) and warped to OtherWorld to heal up. Two months later, they met the rest of the team and helped the against Utonium, Eggman and Bowser.


Dalexis' personality is 100% identical to her real life counterpart. She's humorous, different from others, lazy at times, smart, impatient and rude at other times. Dalexis is also shown to have a short temper(as does Genesis). In one episode, it is noted that she suffers from Bipolar Disorder, as the rest of the Saiyan Shadows were born with a birth defect(Genesis has heart problems and is half-deaf, JaLeah has an evergrowing intelligence span when reading, Rosemary has a short attention span, etc.). Other then that, she's an average tomboy who likes to help whoever she can.