Jalen Beard(J-7 only)

Jalen B. is the oldest of the Saiyan Shadows and of all the Saiyan fighters, too.


Jalen was born in 1995 to the same Saiyan couple as Genesis and was shipped to another family as well. His family was a nice one, that lived in California for a few years before moving to Ohio temperarily. He soon met Genesis and the two were best friends. After being stuck in ice for four years, he and Genesis meet new allies and save the world from Jerome and Utonium. Soon enough, they meet Sonic, Mario and co. and begin the series.


Jalen is a sort of laid back person, kinda like Genesis. He may tend to joke around a bit, but really serves to be Genesis' brother. He won't do much when a boring situation occurs, but it is noted he will get mad and shoot off when angered. Not much else is known about Jalen at this point, except he is very good at sports.


  • Kamehameha
  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Final Flash
  • Tri Beam Cannon
  • Earth Based Attacks
  • False Super Saiyan(controlled as of Episode 42)
  • Super Saiyan(non canon so far)
  • Kaioken(1-20 fold)