Krunckles is the Knuckles clone and middle member of the Cloned Trio.


Although he is Knuckles' incomplete doppleganger, their personalities are nothing alike. Krunckles is a sneaky sort of fellow who'll use brawn tricks over tactics/spells any day. His devilish nature can give off at times, examples being stealing Chaos Emeralds during battle or teaming up on a foe when his is down. He's also known to attack his opponent while he/she is down. Overall Krunckles is a sly sort of villain.


Water/Ice Manipulation: Being blue in color doesn't just stand there. Krunckles has cyrokenetics, allowing him to manipulate and fire water and/or ice.

Water Breath: Krunckles has the ability to breath under water, owning gills in the back of his throat.

Icey Chaos Fist: Krunckles coats his mits with ice and use them against opponents.

Super Form: Krunckles can transform into a Super form, like the others. His hue becomes lighter and he looks more like a shark.