Mecha Luigi, awaiting for command.


Mecha Luigi is a main villain in the Mecha Saga and the second weakest of the Mechas.


It can be noted that Mecha Luigi's personality is barely shown. He's just a fearless, evil, emotionless, determined version of Luigi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like, Mecha Mario, Mecha Luigi can obsorb and use attacks, but ice instead of fire, turning him into Iced Mecha Luigi. Mecha Luigi is a master at using electricity. He can use it better than the actual Luigi can, as a matter of fact. He can jump higher than Mecha Mario and run faster than him as well. He may look like a tall, strong, protected robot, but with enough effort, Silver, the weakest of the B-Fighters, can solo him for a certain amount of time. Mecha Luigi is one to use fast combos and slick plans in battle, as he does during the three front battle on Angel Island. He can absorb the Emeralds' power and become Super Mecha Luigi, mirroring that of a Metallix form.