Mecha Mario in all of his metal glory.


Mecha Mario is a main villain of the Mecha Saga and the second strongest of the Mecha Quartet.


Mecha Mario is one of those robots with a one track mind. He tends to follow his goals to the end: Find all seven Chaos Emeralds and destroy Mario. Mecha Mario is to determination as Mario is to optomistic. Mecha Mario isn't really too prideful about most victories, unless their against Mario's team. Eggman stated he designed Mecha Mario to be the serious leader of the group. It tends to show a lot.

Powers and Abilities.Edit

Mecha Mario uses a lot of hand on hand attacks, instead of kicking. Most of the time, you'll see him punch or shoot missles or whatever instead of kicking foes. Mecha Mario can absorb fire and use it to transform into Fire Mecha Mario. This was something built in by Eggman, along with a water-resistant coat to protect them from pyrokenetic attacks. Mecha Mario's only known blunder is battling off a Cape Form, which can prove to be more than a match for any one of te Mechas. Though he is a very strong fighter, he can be solo'd by that of Shadow with enough effort. He can use the Emeralds to turn into Super Mecha Mario, a mirror to a Metallix form.