Professor Utonium(J-7 and G-5)

 Professor Antonio Utonium is the main villain of the Redux Saga. He is from the Powerpuff Girls series, however, in this series, he is evil rather than good.

Biology Universe J-7Edit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Utonium's early life, except that he often argued with his older brother, Opressor Plutonium.

School WarsEdit

During the School Wars, Utonium was a mad scientist that sided against the government in the conflict. He partnered himself with Dr Gero and they built battle droids, using them as infantry. Eventually, they created the Super School and Proto-Metal Sonic. When the Saiyan Trio attacked the Super School, the mad scientists activated Proto-Metal Sonic and watched as Corey engaged in combat with him. When Corey transformed into a False Super Saiyan they made holographic projections of themselves and fled, knowing what Corey may do to them.

Making the GirlsEdit

Three years after the School Wars, Utonium began his PowerPuff Project and created three little weapons he could've used to destroy the Cousin Trio. Due to the explosion causing their birth, he was sent against the wall headfirst and lost all of his basic memory. He then settled down and raised the girls, until six years later.

Dimensional Rift WarsEdit

When Utonium regained his memory, he became angry at his loss against the Cousins and tried to get them back by combining four dimensions. It backfired and only morphed sections of them and thus came Universe J-7. The mad scientist then had to focus his efforts on beating the RowdyRuff Boys and the Saiyan Shadows.

Power Prof.Edit

In Episode 30, it is noted that Utonium has rebuilt his powersuit from years ago when he wanted to help the girls fight crime. He then uses the power of the five Chaos Emeralds he currently owned to power them to their full extent, resulting in a 35 fold power increase. The Power Prof. persona was brought back due to Utonium's sanity being now gone and stating he is not that "old lab professor who let mere Saiyan monkeys foil his plans."