Rosemary Perez(J-7 only)

Rosemary P. is the youngest member of the Saiyan Shadows. She's a Saiyan hybrid, along with Britney.


Rosemary was born in 2000 and to the same parents as Britney. In the beginning of Ultima X, she was possessed by Jerome Jears and it took a long battle with Dalexis to free her. She then met Genesis and Jalen and became a Saiyan Shadow. She fought along the heroes against Jerome, Utonium, Eggman, Bowser and many other forces. Rosemary's character has got to be one of the least developted ones of the series, since her IRL counterpart is 100% based on this, the creator didn't have a hard time with her. Her mother's a Saiyan and her father's Puerto-Rican.


Rosemary's very naive and not all that bright at times. But other than that she's funny, nice and a bit hotheaded. Her grammar might be good, but her wordplay could use some work. Sometimes, she may grief over the fact that she had to leave everyone else behind, but she's always eager to try new things. It may be noted in her character that Rosemary can get off topic sometimes and become childish, but that's just her.