Super Saiyan is the ultimate goal achievement of the Saiyan race, until the later known forms occured. It is caused by either extreme stress or rage. It has not yet been seen in the respective G-5 or J-7 universes, but is confirmed to appear/be achieved. It is marked prominently by the golden aura surrounding the fighter, his hair spiking up and turning a yellowish or gold color to match, and his eyes becoming a greenish color. The aura itself flows as though it were a flame. Although, the RowdyRuff Boys may be an exception of this rule, having their own respective Super Saiyan appearances.


This transformation is generally accepted as multiplying the user's power by 50, though certain fan material has increased this multiplier to as high to 100-possibly to compensate for a high Kaioken level usage. However, upon mastery of this form, power level goes even higher by J-7 physics, going into a 300-fold power boost.

Usage in CanonEdit

...To be announced...

Usage in Non-CanonEdit

In the alternate RRBZ Special, "Time Chasers," Genesis and Rosemary are able to attain this form, as this being after the PPnK Saga.

JaLeah is seen using this form in "The Untold Dimension," when Edd, Finn and Corey are being thrashed by Demon Mecha Sonic. She used this form to defeat the metallic monster.

In "Fusion Remastered," when The Plumber, Hyper Shadic and Boris are defeated by Ultimate Lord Malachi, the Saiyan Shadows use the SSJ Forms to fight, but are soon defeated as well, until Boris uses the Universal Spirit Bomb on him.

Known Users in J-7Edit

  1. Brick
  2. Boomer
  3. Butch
  4. Genesis
  5. Jalen
  6. JaLeah
  7. Dalexis
  8. Britney
  9. Rosemary
  10. Boris
  11. Malachi