9 years after the  conclusion of the School Wars, Genesis, a 10-year old veteran of the Double J Dual, adjusts to his peaceful life of training in a quiet suburban town known only as Franklin City. However, upon his entrance, he sees three boys, one red with a baseball cap, one blue with blonde hair, and one green with a cowlick, talking to his younger sister, JaLeah. With power levels over 50, JaLeah concluded they were Saiyans, having had tails in the past. The average human's power level is only 5.

Meanwhile in Townsville, Florida, Professor Utonium began to brainwash the Mayor and Townspeople. Soon enough, when they were on his side, and he and the PPGs began their attack. The Dimensional Rift War then commensed, and he was sent packing back to Townsville. He then proceeded in contacting an old ally of his, named "Bowser." The King of Koopas took the job as exterminator of the Saiyans while Utonium got his Base of Operations set up again. They got the Star Rod and wished back a few enemies of Mario's, who were subjected to work under Bowser's name. ..The attack was set for one day afterward...


Bowser SagaEdit

This is the saga where the RRBs gain their minor desires to train, as the Mario Bros. receive a blast from the past. The saga runs from Episodes 1-12 in the animated series.


The first episode opens with the Boys adjusting to their new lives, after 5 months of peace. Elsewhere, a newly alive Jerome Jears collects the Red Chaos Emerald and activates the BrawnyBuff Boys, created by a shadowy figure. Just then, the three cloned models of them attack. The Boys know exactly what to do and charge after them.