Waluigi is the lanky, tall counterpart of Luigi. It can be noted he and his brothers are good comic reliefs in the show.


Waluigi is sneakier than sneaky, according to his appearance in Mario Party 3. He is a generally overconfident character who is easily angered. He also shows very poor sportsmanship; Waluigi is quick to taunt his opponent, break into victory dance, and cheer for himself, while he is easily angered when his opponent makes even a little progress. Many of Waluigi's accusations that involve cheating, which he considers himself adept at, show this self-pity indirectly. Though he is younger than Wario, he has been showed to be smarter than his brother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Waluigi's standard abilities include jumping, punching, and kicking. Waluigi's legs are shown to be particularly powerful, as he easily defeats Bowser with a kick in Mario Party 3, and he is able to stomp characters into the ground in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with ease, a skill even Mario has not yet displayed. He shows his leg strength in Super Mario Strikers, with his Drop Rocket technique. Wario and Waluigi both have the ability to shoulder charge, however, Waluigi's is (perhaps ironically) slower and probably weaker. Waluigi can transform into Fire Waluigi, as seen in Episode 9. His leg-work, jumps and firepower overwhelms that of Wario's.

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