Wario is Mario's evil counterpart, playing the role of an anti-hero throughout his career. He and Mario are generally on better terms these days, as Wario gets to come to Mario's parties and kart races, but Wario will quickly knock anyone aside if the chance for money comes up.


Wario retains all of his characteristic greed in RowdyRuff Boys Z.  which leads him to chase the Chaos Emeralds. He tends to use Waluigi for several tasks, such as being a flotation device, althtough Wario does show concern for his brother. The two are both sneaky and underhanded but would rather play it safe when it comes to a battle, running from Mario when he came flying towards them. A running gag in the series is Wario's denial of being overweight, saying he's "big boned."

Wario's other major personality trait is love...of money, garlic and treasure.

Fight Style and AbilitesEdit

Although Wario has yet to actually do battle in the series, by taking hints from Lord Shade's attacks and the Mario series in general a general assumption can be made. In battle he is likely to cheat, shooting sneak attacks, low blows and using brute force when getting the upper hand. He and Waluigi fit together perfectly; Waluigi works as the brains and Wario is the brawn. He was probably going to use his rolling ability from the Wario Land series at one point, but due to a change in sprites, such an ability is doubted. He will be able to shoot fireballs and jump high, and do all the other things the other plumbers can do.

Future RolesEdit

In the King Bowser Saga, Wario and Waluigi's role in the series is basically comic relief, as each time they appear they always seem to be being thrashed around, therefore, their roles are minor, as of now. Their only main appearances are in Episode 9, where they do battle with Genesis and Dalexis, losing badly. However, in the Redix Saga, Wario and Waluigi will get a slightly bigger role as recurring villains working under Utonium's orders. Tthey will challenge the Heroes to a battle in a later episode, that much can be said.